Yalçındağ Customs Consultancy

Provides consultancy services to the leading industrial and commercial businesses of the world with its professional and dynamic staff members who have proven track-record in service quality and experience; Brings about a contemporary and efficient innovation to the customs clearance sector and sticks to the ethical values with its persistent and qualified staff members who work with the aim of maximizing customer satisfaction and service quality.
Provides modern, fast and efficient service in a close cooperation with the customers built on mutual confidence.
Amendments to the Customs Law No. 4458, the Customs Regulations, and the related legislation are informed to all customers through the Internet and other means of communication.
Owing to the computer interface we have with the Under-secretariat of Customs, the customs declarations are completed on the computer and registered immediately via EDI program software.
Our staff couriers receive and deliver documents all around Istanbul & Kocaeli in very short time.
The main Principle of the Temporary importation Regime is to allow goods to be used in Turkey with total or partial relief from import duties for a certain period prior to re-export. The Goods shall not be subject to any change except for the normal depreciation.
The common uses of the temporary import regime is typically; Import of Construction Machinery needed for a specific Construction Project.
In Order Turkish warehouses to cope with neighbour countries’ warehouses; Foreign Trade Minestry of Turkey allows foreign firms to use Turkish Bonded Warehouses. By owning a Tax identification number – without having a direct sales point in Turkey – you can make sales on-line from your country. While Yalcindag Customs Consultancy completes customs procedures. (Warehouse declerations – transportation arregements etc.- Call us for more information.)
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